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Weaving a career in producing and storytelling with interaction and experience design, I have an affinity for audience engagement and a penchant for empathetic understanding in user research.


I am avid about investigating the motivations around the experiences in people's lives, drawing insight from them, and connecting discoveries to better designs and new ventures.


I thrive working with others to cross-pollinate ideas.  

I tend to believe...

+ There's a way.

+ Opportunity lies in the confluence of different ideas, facts, and trends.

+ The future is created by those who envision and make it happen.

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thelivingston at gmail dot com




I'm often the one with a marker, next to the board.  Many times harnessing the energy of a design team, and sometimes with a focus on solo exploration, I am at home pushing subjects to their edge to break down (and build up) elements that spark connections for undiscovered opportunities.


I tend to be realistic and critical, and I hold to the fundamental design qualification of real human needs, fit with appropriate technology, in a sustainable business model. At the same time, I bolster my work with humor and playfulness whenever possible.


Persuasive Writing


Project Management

+ client interface

+ hires

+ vendors

+ budgets

+ deliverables

+ schedules

+ travel



Adobe Suite: AI, PSD, IND


Flinto, Invision, AppCooker

Lucidchart, Omnigraffle



User Flows

Information Architecture


User Interviews

User Testing

Custom Research Tools

Trend & Market Research

Futurecasting & Analysis

Investigative Research

Patent Research

Product Sketching & Visualization

3D Modeling (Solidworks, Rhino)


Photography and Video

Video Editing (FCP, Premier, Avid)

Motion Graphics


Excel (Data, budgets, research)


Basic HTML and CSS

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