Solo Project - 2014

Art Center College of Design


Proposed timeline - Now

Field of Play


Developing a product based on trends and new market opportunities.



I designed, produced, and presented all aspects of the project, including 3D models, functional mockups, and a business model with financial projections.

Dramatically increased telepresence

Increased bandwidth, remote workers, dozens of video chat startups, and the imminent growth of web RTC (Real-Time-Communication, cross platform video portals) create an opportunity space around how we show ourselves to colleages, friends, and loved ones.

A pick and shovel play

Instead of a software solution that has to integrate into device hardware or access a service's API, or starting an altogether new  video call platform, Imbue approaches the issue of lighting for video calls with simple, physical solution that can be used by anyone on any chat service to look their best.

Testing the physical mockup

The iconic user's needs

Product research, business model, and marketing 



IMBUE physical access for PORTFO6.png

IMBUE physical access for PORTFO6.png

IMBUE physical access for PORTFO9.png

IMBUE physical access for PORTFO9.png

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