Solo Project - 2013

Art Center College of Design


Proposed timeline - 2016

Field of Play


A smart-home venture strategy in a competitive, immature landscape.



We organized into select research groups with MBA students from the Drucker School for trendscraping and workshops, and went on to design and produce individual projects.

Lots of smart products...

without an ecosystem

Products for the intelligent home shouldn't take away from its beauty

The signature Petalume Lamp

Integer sensing and control,

working in concert


The Hub

The Integer Hub is the control and data relay station for all the connected devices in the home.  

It features a:


Video camera

- Smoke and fire sensor

- Chemical sensor

- Temperature sensor

- Power relay


The Lamp

The Integer Petalume Lamp can be configured in different arrangements; the introductory lamp has three prongs for idea lighting.  The lamp's tips act as in/out devices for voice control and playback, featuring:


- Microphone

- Speakers

- Motion sensors

- Alarm


The Outlet

The Integer Outlet takes advantage of placement and power, to go above and beyond a regular outlet, and offer:


- Moisture sensor

- Motion sensor

- Alarm

- Power relay



Like IFTTT for your home

Users customize conditional actions for their home that rely on Integer's network of sensing and control.


For example:


A vacation mode with a text when there's unusual movement in the home.


Verification that timely services are being rendered by a house cleaner or petsitter.


Notification about unusual temperature  or moisture changes in the home.


Play music

Set a reminder

Make a to-do list

Dictate an email

Talk on the phone

Listen to an audio book

Check your stocks

...hands free

The purchase story: a smart way outfit your smart home

Jeff decides to see what he would need to set up the Integer network in his home.  He inputs information about his house for recommendation and area availability.  He also uses the Integer 3D mapping software to construct a layout of his home, which helps dictate the ideal number of product units.  He can then get quote on a complete installation, or find a store and install Integer himself.  He also decides to install Integer in his dad's house, to help monitor him in case of emergency.


Add any supported third party devices to the Integer network

Supporting research & process

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